Don’t use your League of Legends name in your Skype’s name!

If your skype name is the same as your in game league of legends name, change it!

It’s really easy to find someone IP through their skype’s name, and i’ve seen many people using it to ddos players, especially high elo players that appear in streams. In Qtpies last 10 games, at least 7 of them had a DC, and all of them had the same name in LOL/Skype.

I’m not an computer specialist, so if anyone has a more “professional” knowledge, please share! Sorry for bad english

EDIT: You don’t have to be online in skype or add someone in your friend’s list for someone to get your IP, for obvious reasons im not going to tell how its done, but the only thing you need is the skype name


All Summoners,tell your friend(s) and let’s prevent hacker.

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League of legends Counter jungling guide


Counter-jungling is the act of invading the enemy jungle and killing their minions. Counter-jungling can also consist of ganking the same lanes at the same time as the enemy jungler. This kind of turn around on a gank is specifically known as counter-ganking and can be very demoralizing for the enemy team. How fast you and your opponent clear jungle camps is a huge factor in how well you can counter-jungle.



Counter-jungling has several benefits. The first is that you are effectively stealing experience and gold from the enemy jungler. By leaving one of the smaller minions in a camp, you do not allow the respawn timer to start. This means that the enemy jungler must find the camp stolen and clear it himself before the respawn timer even starts. They also waste time traveling to that camp and realizing that they have been counter-jungled, meanwhile you are onto the next creep camp or ganking a lane. If done frequently enough, the enemy jungler will begin to lose considerable amounts of experience and gold, as well as grow frustrated. If the enemy jungler is letting their middle lane take the wraiths, then this could even set back and frustrate their middle lane.



First of all, whenever you counter-jungle, your team should be aware that you are invading enemy territory. If your team is not warned before hand and you are caught, you can easily be trapped in by their jungler and adjacent lanes. Always make sure they know where you are and that they will come to aid you if you need assistance. It is almost always safe to invade the enemy jungle when the enemy jungler is ganking a lane. If the gank is too far away or you are too late to counter-gank, then invade the enemy’s jungle and take what you can. Warding is another good way to know where the enemy jungler is, even when he is not ganking lanes. This will allow your lanes to know when it is safe to push and when they should play more defensive. It will also allow you to counter-jungle that much harder. For more experience players, try to keep timers on enemy camps. This will allow you to be at the camp seconds before it spawns, while the enemy jungler will only start heading towards the camp once they see the marker on their map re-appear. This allows you to take the camp while they are on their way, letting you get away without being touched.


Very few champions can counter jungle effectively. Things you should look for in a counter jungling champion would be clear speed, damage, and escapes. Junglers such as Lee sin are well equipped for that. His dueling capabilities and buff control is outstanding for a champion. Some other champions thats advatange of their kit are Shyvana, Dr. Mundo, Nunu, Udyr, and Zed.


The key to counter jungling is all about timing and knowledge. If you are looking to just steal a camp and avoid controntation, you should never go into enemy jungle without knowing where the opposition is at. Always remember, your allies will be farther away than your enemies. If you are looking to pick on the enemy jungler, basic time sets are a valuable tool. For example, if the enemy team has a blue orientated jungler like Maokai or Amumu, you can opt to start your own blue, then steal their red right after or start your red, then finish your blue to obtain lvl 3 and invade by going straight to their red and possibly killing them. Which leads to your blue being refreshed and also a possible red buff steal.


A good source of knowledge to take into consideration is whether you and your mid lane have a great 2v2 potential. If you feel as you are better than their Mid/Jungle duo then at 7:15 you can invade onto their starting jungling buff. Possible result would be a kill (s) and a buff steal.



 When being heavily counter-jungle, wards are your best friend. This will allow you to see them enter your jungle, which with a quick ping can send your entire team showering down towards them. If the enemy team is keeping tight communication, though, that showering down may actually result in a teamfight. If this does not sound good for your team, then resort to counter-counter-jungling. Yes, the name is funny, but it is effective and it will not run the risk of your team losing a fight. This is also one of the safest methods of counter a level one invade, by backing out and then circling to the enemy team’s buff.

All you need to know about Counter Jungling | High Elo Jungle Guide League of Legends

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AP vs. AD Teemo


Everyone’s favourite Yordle has been the subject of fierce debate between league fanatics for a long time now. Over one simple question. Is Teemo better AP or AD?

The answer is probably not the one you were looking for. The truth is.. it’s incredibly situational. It depends on team composition, personal playstyle and position. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each. ..

AP Teemo


All of Teemo’s damaging abilities scale with AP. Your mushrooms and the poison from your E will deal a tonne of damage if you go full AP.

You can get a bunch of kills or help out with fights on the other side of the map with your mushrooms. At end-game if you have around 700 AP they will deal 1000 damage – not taking into account resistances.

Unlike most AP carry champions, Teemo auto attacks most certainly are not useless. Since the poison from his auto attacks scales with AP, with 700 AP at max level your auto attack will deal your base AD (usually around 100) +210 damage on hit (30% of your AP) + 100 damage each second for four seconds. That equals 710 damage from one auto attack late game. Combined with Teemo attack speed this can mean massive amounts of damage later on.


AP items are generally catered to squishiest of champions. Some AP items provide defence bonuses such as Rylai’s Crystal Sceptre but these generally don’t work well with Teemo’s toolkit and abilities.

Enemies can target you out incredibly easily by just stacking magic resist. If you go full AP they will have no need to spend their gold on armour.

Pretty much no sustain whatsoever. Having no AD means you can’t build lifesteal. If you do, you’re wasting your money since you won’t have any AD. In addition to this, spellvamp really does not work on Teemo.

AD Teemo


AD Teemo is a lot better for sustain. If you build 2-3 Doran’s Blades early game you can out sustain almost any champion with the exception of a Yorick, Nunu or Warwick. Doran’s Blade is a perfect early game item for AD Teemo, it goes really well with his high attack speed and gives him the little bit of tankiness he needs to not get shredded by enemies straight away.

AD Teemo has some really great items to make sure he has enough defence to get by. Frozen Mallet and Wriggles Lantern are perfect for an AD Teemo. The on-hit effects of Frozen Mallet mean that enemies will really struggle to out-run an AD Teemo.

Building Teemo AD means that last-hitting is really easy early on.

As AD Teemo you still deal a lot of magic damage. Your damaging abilities all deal magic damage. The good consequence of this is that even if an enemy stacks armour against you, your mushrooms, your E poison and your Q blind will still deal loads of damage to them.


AD Teemo definitely does not deal as much damage overall as AP Teemo. This is mainly because none of Teemo’s abilities scale with AD.

Your mushrooms will only be useful for a slow. They won’t deal much damage at all if you don’t get any AP.

Final Verdict

Having played Teemo in hundreds of games (both 3v3 and 5v5) here is my overall opinion on when Teemo is better AD/ AP.

AP Teemo is better in the following situations

3v3 when you have 2 AD on your team or 1 AD and 1 AP. Your mushrooms are infinitely useful in 3v3, put them around the bushes in the map, on the health in the middle and around the altars to defend them. Having a much smaller map means they have much more potential to be effective.

5v5 when you’re playing Mid. You won’t have much of a chance to land many autoattacks on your opponent if you play mid. You’ll have to rely a lot more on your mushrooms, your blind and the poison created from 1 auto attack. It’s really useful to have high damage dealing mushrooms on either side of the mid lane too.

5v5 when your team has 3 ADs (AD jungler, AD mid and AD carry). If you don’t go AP here, your enemies can just stack armour and wreck your team.

AD Teemo is better in the following situations

3v3 when the two other players on your team went AP.

5v5 top lane when your team has at least 1 AP champion already.

Of course, it’s all down to you. These are just recommendations. For now, watch this excellent gameplay video of an AD Teemo to give you an idea of how to build and play him. The player is The Rain Man, a former pro gamer who is generally recognised as being the best Teemo player in the world. He got to #1 on the NA ladders by playing only Teemo.


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