Riot Plans to Retune Lee Sin

Recently, Riot issued much about their planned changes on Lee Sin. Some people agreed with those changes while others felt angry and confused, which is pretty reasonable. Lee Sin is always balanced and has had good performance in LOL tournaments, thus some players felt unacceptable about the changes on such a champion.

I, as a man full of integrity, have one word to say: we should show respect for changes rather than cling to old ideas. We should get better via some improvements rather than stay at ease. The changes on Lee Sin will lead to the changes on us. We will be more possible to master new champions. Click here to know about the changes on Lee Sin.


Lots of players have expressed their own opinions during the discussion on Lee Sin’s upcoming changes. Their all-around complaint caused Riot to claim that these changes will just be tested in PBE. I just hope Lee Sin won’t experience repetitive retuning and restoring like Kassadin or receive the biggest failure during his most powerful period like Irelia. Riot, please make changes after a thorough consideration. Don’t let players down.

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League of Legends Has 27 Million Daily Players, Riot Says


Today in the department of Jesus Christ That’s A Lot Of People, Riot Games brings us news that League of Legends now has 27 million daily players.P

27 million. P

Twenty-seven million.P

Every single day. P

If League of Legends were a country, it would be the 45th-biggest in the world (out of 244).League of Legends is the 1% of video games.P

On top of that, they say they’ve got some 67 million players every month, and during peak hours, Riot says, League hits over 7.5 million concurrent users. P

Holy shit.P

I for one am not ready for a future in which all video games are League of Legends.12P

Top artwork via RiotP

Champions are Sexy in League of Legends???

Here some submission for paintings from Korean player about the Champions in League of Legends.Are they sexy??? Give a look at the photos below.

what do you think of this article when you read it, make your comments  blow and let me hear your voice.Thanks

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Will operation difficulty become another feature of League of Legends?

After getting the information that the new champion will be famous for its operation difficulty, we review some champions that join League of Legends before S4. We find they are difficult to operate to some extent while the old champions are easy to get started and master. Do you think it’s good or bad? Will operation difficulty become another feature of League of Legends?

We can see clearly from recent data of Yasuo that his popularity is not high on tiers below Diamond. On Challenger tier, his win rate is the highest while the popularity is actually the lowest among all tiers. This proves that Yasuo requires highly on operation.
And some newly launched champions, such as Jinx, Zed, Zyra, and even Thresh and Nami, either require highly on prejudgment or individual operation level. And some old champions who have existed since the start of League of Legends such as Ashe, Annie and Garen are easy to get started.
After we get familiar with simple and easy game mode of League of Legends, champions Riot launched have excellent performance in pro tournaments, but we can hardly see such scenes in daily gaming activities. Thus I don’t think it will draw new players for League of legends to just improve the operation difficulty of new champions.

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The new champion will be hard to play

Riot lead designer Morello recently revealed something about the new champion in the forum, “The next AP champion will be quite hard to play. He overturns the difficulty set for AP, and doesn’t merely focus on simple position and prejudgment.” Besides, it’s said that the champion is from Void, and has something to do with Thresh.

Initial setting for the new champion:

Passive: Ignore unit collision, and the magic penetration of the champion will be increased according to the health he/she loses.

Skill 1: Release a beam of shock wave, and it will spread and form a wall and leave the Void Wall lasting for one second at the end of the spell range or when you cast it next time. All units touching the wall will be stunned for a short period.

Skill 2: Throw a chain in the straight line direction, damaging all units hit by the chain and adding a slow effect. The closer the unit is to the chain, the more obvious slow effect he will receive. When the chain reaches its range, it will be pinned to the ground for a short period during which the champion can move. The chain will stop its motion after hitting Dream of the Wall, pinning and extending the duration of the wall. Skill 2 can be activated again, and you can use the chain to pull yourself to the wall.

Skill 3: Take the champion as the center, and he/she pulls the chain, knocking back enemy units in a small scale and damaging them. If the chain has been pinned to the ground, the attack area will be the round area with the champion as the center and the pinning location of the chain as the radius. If the chain is pinned to the wall, it will move along with the wall, all enemy units touching the wall will be stunned again.
The designer notes that the skill is no easy to cast, and position matters a lot to the skill. If you are in a different location, your attack area will be quite different. Besides, the chain can be pinned to any location on the wall, namely, if you pin the chain to any end of the wall, and your chain and the wall form a straight line during the duration of the wall, the attack area will be quite huge – the length of the chain + the length of the wall. Thus you can cast the control in a wide area.

Skill 4: Cast his/her power of void to a large area near him/her, and create the void area, damaging all units touching power of void. The closer the enemy is to the champion, the more damage he will receive. The champion can deal more damage when he/she stands in the area.

The champion will be another famous AP for difficult operation after Syndra and Zed if he/she will launch as planned. From the current skills we can see that his/her control is quite unsteady, and it’s activation mechanism is similar to that of Leblanc and Syndra while the skill to output damage is a little bit similar to that of Zed. 

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Vi and Caitlyn Special Interactions

Vi has several secret interactions with Caitlyn.

Allied Caitlyn:

Each gains the cosmetic buff, “On The Case: Piltover’s Finest”.
Each gains +1 movement speed while near one another.
Each gains +1 bonus gold if both of them participate in a kill.
Three unique phrases in response to an allied Ace in the Hole.

Enemy Caitlyn:

If Vi taunts while near an enemy Caitlyn, she will perform one of two special taunts. Doing so gives a cosmetic debuff to Caitlyn called “Agitated: How Agitating”, which remains until Caitlyn damages Vi or Caitlyn dies.
Three unique phrases in response to an enemy Ace in the Hole which hits Vi, but does not kill her.

League of Legends: Yasuo the Unforgiven Announced!

The latest champ for League of Legends has been announced, and he’s gotta go fast dammit. Yasuo the Unforgiven has many tricks up his sleeve, as can be evidenced in the official Riot Reveal. What is a sword without a sheath?

Yasuo, the Unforgiven is an attack damage mid laner and a former member of an Ionian martial school. This humble swordsman has mastered a legendary wind based fighting style and is ready to slash his way onto the Fields of Justice.