5 things you should know about League of Legends


1. Jungle timers

It’s usually the support player or the jungler who has to know jungle timers, but no matter what position you play – it’s always useful knowledge to have. For those of you who don’t know

– Wraiths, Mini Golems and Wolves respawns every 50 seconds
– Red Buff and Blue Buff respawns every 5 minutes
– Dragon respawns every 6 minutes
– Baron respawns every 7 minutes

If nobody else in the team is doing it, it’s worth putting the timer for the next respawn in chat. For example, after you’ve killed blue buff at 10 minutes 1 second you can say

“Our blue buff respawns at 15m 1s”

2. Wards are worth the money

They might take up an extra inventory slot, and they might run out after 3 minutes, but wards are infinitely useful. They can save your life multiple times and allow you to make great ganks and counter ganks. Usually a support will be the one putting down the wards, but anyone in any position can buy a few to help the team or make their laning phase substantially safer.

Buying a Sightstone is a great investment (950g total) and upgrading it to a Ruby Sightstone can really help you become a tanky support. Put wards on dragon, baron and in gank spots while you’re in lane. You might even want to put some in the side-bushes if you’re playing against a surprise support champion – such as Leona, Blitzcrank, Thresh or even Fiddlesticks.

3. Minion kills are so important (1 kill = 300 gold)

If you’re outfarming your opponent in lane, you’re probably beating them. Having about 13 more CS (Creep score) than you opponent is the same as having one more kill than them. For this reason, it’s a great idea to pick a champion who can farm well. If you play Urgot then you probably won’t get many kills but it will be really easy for you to farm. Whereas if you play Kassadin, it will be the other way round. Either way, farming is paramount. If your opponent leaves lane you don’t have to chase them – just farm and get loads of gold. This will help you out a lot late game.

Not only does farming get you gold, but it also helps you take objectives. Killing minions will push your waves and they’ll start attacking the enemy towers. Pushing your lanes will give your team more control of your own jungle and the enemy jungle. It will also give you towers which give gold and help get your minions towards the enemy inhibitors.

4. Item costs

One of the most annoying things in League of Legends is recalling back to base only to realise you don’t have enough gold for the item you want. In this scenario you have three choices

1. Wait at the fountain til you get enough gold. This leaves your team in a 4v5 situation and means you won’t be able get back to them for quite some time.

2. Leave without buying anything. This means you’ll have wasted the time you spent in the trip back and you’ll have to go back again really soon.

3. Buy what you can afford. This can mess up your build and you can end up buying items you don’t really want.

To avoid this situation, you should try and go back when you have the perfect amount of gold. This will require you either checking the shop while you’re in lane or knowing the item costs off by heart.

5. Champion synergy

Champion synergy is something a lot of people tend to forget. People generally refer to it as “team comp/composition”. It is basically how well one champion works with another. An example of those is the combination of Amumu and Brand. Amumu can use his ultimate “Curse of the sad mummy” and brand can use his AoE abilities to take out a whole team in one massive combo. If you had another AP mid champion like LeBlanc or Ahri, they would not synergize with Amumu anywhere near as much.
Stay tuned for the final 5 in “10 things you should know about league of legends”. We’ll be covering counter-picking, poking and more.


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Interesting Facts about League of Legends



  • Nasus is a dog but walks on 2 feet
  • Wukong is a monkey but cant jungle
  • Singed isnt mad until he uses his Insanity Potion
  • You actually can blind Lee Sin
  • You can silence Sona



  • You can Ignite Brand, the burning Brand
  • The feeders will always be on your team
  • Annie lost her virginity to tibbers
  • Your Talon will rush Trinity Force, their Talon will go Brutalizer into Bloodthirster and kill half your team
  • You can heal people by throwing sharp blades at them if properly enchanted



  • Real assassins hide their blades under a cape made of blades
  • Gaze attacks are slow moving projectiles
  • Shooting a pistol in melee deals less damage than shooting a pistol from a distance (GP’s crit animation vs parrley)
  • An undead warrior’s most dangerous attack is his stare
  • It’s called Trueshot Barrage but it probably doesn’t hit true and it’s not a barrage either



  • A hamster with a blowdart can defeat an angel
  • After every champion in a match has 2 phantom dancers, infinity edges, deathcaps, Gunblades, WotA, Bloodthirsters, Black cleavers, RoA’s the deadliest weapon is still a Lantern on a stick
  • Amumu can still fling his bandages everywhere, even in his little knight skin
  • Skarner isn’t a Pokemon
  • Minimal clothing seems to be the most effective armor for battle on females



  • Leona’s passive deals 1 less damage to Enemies with a skin, on wich they wear sunglasses. This is actually true
  • only in lol u could find a dog that is the brother of a crocodile
  • Everyone can lose their lanes and still blame their jungler
  • Anivia, Corki and other flying champions can step on trap while in air
  • Tryndamere can spin through 2m wall


League of Legends Facts: The original 40 Champions

Hey all, I just whimsically decided this morning that I would start up a League of Legends trivia series. I started playing the game shortly before it’s official launch, and I realized looking back just how much of the game has changed since 2009. So, for entertainment purposes thinly disguised as educational purposes, I thought I’d kick things off with some odd facts about the Original 40 Champions, as they were at launch! I’m not covering the beta, as I wasn’t there for it and it was a chaotic and confusing time from my understanding. So, without further delay…
Champion Categories
If the original 40 Champs were organized by their roles according to the current SR metagame, it would look like this:
Top Lane: Cho’Gath, Gangplank, Jax, Kayle, Malphite, Nasus, Singed, Sion, Teemo, Tryndamere
Jungle: Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, Rammus, Shaco, Warwick
AP Mid: Anivia, Annie, Heimerdinger, Kathus, Kassadin, Katarina, Morgana, Ryze, Twisted Fate, Veigar
ADC: Ashe, Corki, Sivir, Tristana, Twitch
Support: Alistar, Blitzcrank, Janna, Nunu, Soraka, Taric, Zilean
Significant Champion Reworks
Of the original 40, 16 champions have had one or more of their abilities completely reworked. Just for chuckles, here’s what their old abilities did:
His old passive Colossal Strength increased his damage vs turrets, and reduced the damage he took from turrets
Hawkshot used to be named Plentiful Bounty, and gave her bonus gold on kill (No activated ability)
Evelynn – Complete rework, the old Evelynn shares not abilities with the current one.
Her old passive Determined Killer reduced damage done to her by minions.
Shadow Walk would stealth Evelynn for up to 60 seconds, and her next attack would stun or slow her target (and ended her stealth).
Hate Spike would deal light damage to a nearby target (Supposedly the closest target, but it was usualy random) and half damage to another nearby target. It was ludicrously spammable.
Ravage was a singe target nuke that shredded armor and magic resist if used from behind.
Malice and Spite would give her a massive boost to her attack speed and movement speed for 15 seconds. It recharged whenever an enemy champion died somewhere on the map. If she killed a champion, it healed her for a percentage of their max heath.
Raise Morale used to require you to kill a friendly minion, and increased attack speed instead of it’s current attack damage increase.
Old Passive Grog Soaked Blade used to deal damage over time and reduce incoming heals by 40% to anyone struck (or shot) by Gangplank.
H-28G Evolution Turret used to have a cooldown instead of the ammo system, and you could place up to 6 at max ranks. These turrets would level up as they killed minions.
Turrets also always spawned as the basic model, and had to be upgraded using Heimerdinger’s ultimate UPGRADE!!!, which would increase their armor, health, damage and add armor/magic shred to their attacks. Using UPGRADE!!! on a turret a second time would cause it to do splash damage.
Heimerdinger’s CH-1 Concussion Grenades also used to damage turrets.
Hextech Micro-Rockets used to only target enemy champions.
Jax used to have Counterstrike, which increased his Dodge stat (which has been removed from the game entirely), and once he dodged an attack he could activate the ability to stun nearby enemies.
His ultimate Relentless Assault used to also contain the functionality of his current passive, where he gained attack speed after consecutive attacks as well as dealing bonus damage every third attack.
Empower used to give a jax a temporary buff where he’d deal splash damage. It was later changed so that his next attack only did splash damage, and later changed again so that it did bonus damage to a single target.
Jax has had three different passives. his first was Weapon Mastery, which increased the attack damage and ability power of items he bought by a percentage. Then he had Equipment Mastery, where he gained bonus health for each point of bonues attack power or ability power he had.
Nether Blade once stole mana from enemies hit with his autoattack and had no activated ability. This had no effect on champions with no mana pools. As a fun fact, caster and siege minions used to have mana purely so Kassadin could drain mana from them in lane.
Her old passive Voracity reduced her Cooldowns by 20 seconds on kill or assist (similar to her current passive), but also gave her 50 bonus gold.
Killer Instincts passively increased the damage she dealt to enemies by a flat amount, and could also be activated to augment her other two basic abilities. Bouncing Blades would do full damage to all targets and apply a healing reduction debuff, while Shunpo would reduce the damage she takes from attacks.
Her original passive Holy Fervor used to give her increased attack speed for several seconds whenever a nearby ally or enemy champion died. Later she got another passive where her bonus attack damage would grant her more ability power, and her ability power would add more attack power.
Reckoning used to slow attack speed and movement speed, and dealt double damage while Holy Fervor was active.
His former passive Desperate Power would give him large amount of bonus ability power while he was low on health.
Mana Leach was a toggled ability where Ryze’s auto attack would deal bonus magic damage.
Spell Flux used to be his ultimate and was simialar to Brand’s ultimate Pyroclysm(only was way overpowered). It’s since been toned down and is now a basic ability.
Neither Overload or Rune Prison originally scaled on max mana, and instead only had AP ratios.
Ricochet was a toggled ability that caused Sivir’s basic attacks to bounce to additional targets for reduced damage. Her passive Fleet of Foot used to give her bonus dodge chance while she was moving.
Boomerang Blade was once called Spiral Blade, but they randomly decided to change the name shortly after launch.
Taric’s passive Gemcraft used to instead replenish his mana based on the damage he dealt with his basic attacks. Shatter’s passive armor aura used to go away while the ability was on recharge.
Radiance used to be a toggled ability that cost more and more mana every second it was active, but healed all nearby allies every second and increased their attack power.
Teemo’s old passive Trailblazer would increase the movement speed of allies following behind him.
Move Quick used to provide Teemo a permanent speed buff once activated, until he took damage and he would lose the buff and the skill would go on cooldown.
Noxus trap was once named Bantam Trap, and used to be cooldown based instead of using ammo.
Tryndamere was adapted to use the Rage resource once it was introduced into the game. Previously Bloodlust was a stacking buff instead of being fuled by Rage, although it sill functions the same.
Twisted Fate
The passive Second Sight used to give all of Twisted Fate’s allies bonus critical hit chance.
Gate was a basic ability that could be used to teleport anywhere on the map after a short delay.
Pick a Card used to have a different functionality for it’s three potential cards – Blue card did bonus damage on your next attack and allowed you to pick another card again after attack, red card was an AoE damage and slow, and Gold Card was an AoE damage and stun. he period where you could lock in Red Card was shorter than Blue, and Gold was shorter still, so you had to have very precise timing
Destiny used to slow all enemies and reveal their positions on the map, and also reduced the cast time of Gate while it was active.
Ambush used to stealth Twitch for up to 60 seconds at max rank, and would give him a sizable attack speed buff when he left stealth. The attack speed buff’s duration was increased the longer Twitch had been stealthed.
Dbilitating Poison used to slow all enemies near Twitch, slowing them more for each stack of poison on them.
Spray and Pray used to increases Twitch’s attack speed by a large amount as well as doing full damage to all enemies in line with his primary target. Later it was changed to have a limited number of shots, removed the bonus attack speed but added bonus damage.
Veigar’s passive was once Entropy, which would steal ability power from nearby enemies and give it to Veigar.
his Utimate Primordial Blast used to deal bonus damage based on his opponent’s maximum mana. If it deal the killing blow it would also refund a significant amount of mana to Veigar.

Other Fun Facts

Originally, nearly every ability in the game did magic damage. The only exception to this were abilities that required a melee strike like Nasus’ Siphoning Strike, and Ashe’s Volley skill. Also, abilities never scaled off of attack power, but only ability power, which is why many early champs still have arbitrary AP ratios on a number of their skills. The exception to this is once again Ashe’s Volley (which originally had a 1.5 AD ratio) and Katarina’s Bouncing Blades and Death Lotus.
At launch, only 5 champions were priced at 6300 IP: Anivia, Corki, Karthus, Blitzcrank and Twitch. It would be another 5 months before the next 6k champion Ezreal was released.
The very first champions to have skins for sale were Ashe, Evelynn and Katarina with Freljord Ashe, Shadow Evelynn and Mercenary Katarina respectively. Oddly enough, none of these skins have been retired even though many skins released after them have removed from the store.
Several champions have received new in game models since launch: Annie, Anivia (Minor), Ashe, Evelynn (Minor), Gangplank, Janna, Katarina, Kayle, Soraka, Tryndamere, and Twisted Fate.
Champions that have received new voiceovers include Katarina, Janna, Anivia, Ashe, Annie (Partial) and Twisted Fate (Partial)
Katarina’s joke is actually a reference to the previous VO’s mispronunciation of the word “Macabre”. She also had dialogue lines where she threatened the summoner controlling her.
Of the original 40 champions, 21 were designed solely or in part by by Colt “Ezreal” Hallam.
Edit: OK, looks like I missed quite a few little facts here and there. But rather than continuing to go over this list with a fine-tooth comb I’m opting to leave it as is and spend more time making the next list to catch a few more errors before posting. Cheers!