5 things you should know about League of Legends


1. Jungle timers

It’s usually the support player or the jungler who has to know jungle timers, but no matter what position you play – it’s always useful knowledge to have. For those of you who don’t know

– Wraiths, Mini Golems and Wolves respawns every 50 seconds
– Red Buff and Blue Buff respawns every 5 minutes
– Dragon respawns every 6 minutes
– Baron respawns every 7 minutes

If nobody else in the team is doing it, it’s worth putting the timer for the next respawn in chat. For example, after you’ve killed blue buff at 10 minutes 1 second you can say

“Our blue buff respawns at 15m 1s”

2. Wards are worth the money

They might take up an extra inventory slot, and they might run out after 3 minutes, but wards are infinitely useful. They can save your life multiple times and allow you to make great ganks and counter ganks. Usually a support will be the one putting down the wards, but anyone in any position can buy a few to help the team or make their laning phase substantially safer.

Buying a Sightstone is a great investment (950g total) and upgrading it to a Ruby Sightstone can really help you become a tanky support. Put wards on dragon, baron and in gank spots while you’re in lane. You might even want to put some in the side-bushes if you’re playing against a surprise support champion – such as Leona, Blitzcrank, Thresh or even Fiddlesticks.

3. Minion kills are so important (1 kill = 300 gold)

If you’re outfarming your opponent in lane, you’re probably beating them. Having about 13 more CS (Creep score) than you opponent is the same as having one more kill than them. For this reason, it’s a great idea to pick a champion who can farm well. If you play Urgot then you probably won’t get many kills but it will be really easy for you to farm. Whereas if you play Kassadin, it will be the other way round. Either way, farming is paramount. If your opponent leaves lane you don’t have to chase them – just farm and get loads of gold. This will help you out a lot late game.

Not only does farming get you gold, but it also helps you take objectives. Killing minions will push your waves and they’ll start attacking the enemy towers. Pushing your lanes will give your team more control of your own jungle and the enemy jungle. It will also give you towers which give gold and help get your minions towards the enemy inhibitors.

4. Item costs

One of the most annoying things in League of Legends is recalling back to base only to realise you don’t have enough gold for the item you want. In this scenario you have three choices

1. Wait at the fountain til you get enough gold. This leaves your team in a 4v5 situation and means you won’t be able get back to them for quite some time.

2. Leave without buying anything. This means you’ll have wasted the time you spent in the trip back and you’ll have to go back again really soon.

3. Buy what you can afford. This can mess up your build and you can end up buying items you don’t really want.

To avoid this situation, you should try and go back when you have the perfect amount of gold. This will require you either checking the shop while you’re in lane or knowing the item costs off by heart.

5. Champion synergy

Champion synergy is something a lot of people tend to forget. People generally refer to it as “team comp/composition”. It is basically how well one champion works with another. An example of those is the combination of Amumu and Brand. Amumu can use his ultimate “Curse of the sad mummy” and brand can use his AoE abilities to take out a whole team in one massive combo. If you had another AP mid champion like LeBlanc or Ahri, they would not synergize with Amumu anywhere near as much.
Stay tuned for the final 5 in “10 things you should know about league of legends”. We’ll be covering counter-picking, poking and more.


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