Interesting Facts about League of Legends



  • Nasus is a dog but walks on 2 feet
  • Wukong is a monkey but cant jungle
  • Singed isnt mad until he uses his Insanity Potion
  • You actually can blind Lee Sin
  • You can silence Sona



  • You can Ignite Brand, the burning Brand
  • The feeders will always be on your team
  • Annie lost her virginity to tibbers
  • Your Talon will rush Trinity Force, their Talon will go Brutalizer into Bloodthirster and kill half your team
  • You can heal people by throwing sharp blades at them if properly enchanted



  • Real assassins hide their blades under a cape made of blades
  • Gaze attacks are slow moving projectiles
  • Shooting a pistol in melee deals less damage than shooting a pistol from a distance (GP’s crit animation vs parrley)
  • An undead warrior’s most dangerous attack is his stare
  • It’s called Trueshot Barrage but it probably doesn’t hit true and it’s not a barrage either



  • A hamster with a blowdart can defeat an angel
  • After every champion in a match has 2 phantom dancers, infinity edges, deathcaps, Gunblades, WotA, Bloodthirsters, Black cleavers, RoA’s the deadliest weapon is still a Lantern on a stick
  • Amumu can still fling his bandages everywhere, even in his little knight skin
  • Skarner isn’t a Pokemon
  • Minimal clothing seems to be the most effective armor for battle on females



  • Leona’s passive deals 1 less damage to Enemies with a skin, on wich they wear sunglasses. This is actually true
  • only in lol u could find a dog that is the brother of a crocodile
  • Everyone can lose their lanes and still blame their jungler
  • Anivia, Corki and other flying champions can step on trap while in air
  • Tryndamere can spin through 2m wall



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