Will operation difficulty become another feature of League of Legends?

After getting the information that the new champion will be famous for its operation difficulty, we review some champions that join League of Legends before S4. We find they are difficult to operate to some extent while the old champions are easy to get started and master. Do you think it’s good or bad? Will operation difficulty become another feature of League of Legends?

We can see clearly from recent data of Yasuo that his popularity is not high on tiers below Diamond. On Challenger tier, his win rate is the highest while the popularity is actually the lowest among all tiers. This proves that Yasuo requires highly on operation.
And some newly launched champions, such as Jinx, Zed, Zyra, and even Thresh and Nami, either require highly on prejudgment or individual operation level. And some old champions who have existed since the start of League of Legends such as Ashe, Annie and Garen are easy to get started.
After we get familiar with simple and easy game mode of League of Legends, champions Riot launched have excellent performance in pro tournaments, but we can hardly see such scenes in daily gaming activities. Thus I don’t think it will draw new players for League of legends to just improve the operation difficulty of new champions.

Tag: S4,Yasuo,Jinx, Zed, Zyra,Thresh,Nami 


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